The Highest Quality of Jewelry

And for the right price.

At Flatbill Jewelry, we only make jewelry that people like.

That means it is sturdy. We know our products are going to end up in the hands of athletes – a group of people that might punish the jewelry around their neck. That’s just the way it goes when you work hard. For that reason, we take pride in creating jewelry that stands the test of time.

That also means our jewelry isn’t crazy expensive either. For an affordable price, you can have a high quality piece of jewelry to match the big love that you have for your sport. We respect that you work hard for what you have so we don’t intend to break your wallet over a piece of jewelry that you can take pride in.

And, last, that means our jewelry looks good. Every time we get a review that says “oh my goodness, new favorite piece of my wardrobe!,” we have an “I told you so” moment. We have taken great care to design jewelry that is eye-catching without being gaudy. Bold without being brash. Sophisticated without being expensive. Trust us: you’ll love it.